Saturday, August 27, 2011

September 2011

I can now say I have done SSTV!  The only SSTV I have downloaded so far have been from ARISSat-1.  I hope to do more with it in the future, though.  I never thought I would have enjoyed it, but it is actually fun.  I am using MMSSTV:

It is EXTREMELY user friendly.  

I was making a recording of the pass, and then I would transfer it to the PC.  I had a lot of issues getting the soundcard adjusted (and failed), so I decided to hook the downlink up to the computer directly and forego the recording.  It worked great!  Below is my favorite picture so far, but there are more here on my SSTV picture page.  I have only been at this a couple days, so hopefully I can get a few more.